About Veggums

Discover amazing nutritional vegan recipes and ideas.

Who We Are

To put it simply, Veggums was started by someone that was lost in finding their way towards a plant-based lifestyle and was sick of reading everyone's life story to discover new recipes.


That's why we want to bring you easy and helpful recipes, information, and product recommendations that get right to the point.

What We Think

We made Veggums for the purpose of providing inspiration and motivation for living a vegan and/or plant-based lifestyle and sticking with it.


We found there to be a lot of intimidation when it comes to making these types of changes in some situations. In some circles, there's the pressure to be perfect and stick to very strict rules.


While the "rules" are great and exist for a purpose, we believe that any change and effort is positive and that everyone has the right to their own journey at their own pace.


So whether you've been vegan for a decade or are just now getting curious about these lifestyle changes - welcome.

Do Things Your Own Way

At Veggums, we believe in simply being yourself and not letting anyone stand in the way of that. So if you do decide to be vegan, we of course support you 100%, but do it YOUR way.


We want to help you make these healthy decisions for your own reason, using techniques that work best for you. Some people do better cold-turkey (no pun intended) and others do better working gradually in phases.


The important part is that you stick to your guns and maintain your desire and motivation. That’s what we aim to provide, to help you along the way!


If there is something you want to see, but can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!